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Broadcast Delivery

  • Introduction

    Sumavision is dedicated to providing world class, outstanding broadcasting quality equipment that enables operators to deliver professional Digital TV services at the highest possible quality. Our portfolios are built around modular platforms hosting a wide selection of interoperable modules that give unparalleled configuration possibilities.

  • The latest evolution of Sumavision's market-leading high-density EMR (Enhanced Multimedia Router) 1RU stream processing platform is an ideal solution for encoding, decoding, multiplexing, modulating, demodulating, scrambling, descrambling and statistical multiplexing of SD and HD MPEG video. The compact 1-RU IPQAM3.3 is designed as a highly integrated digital video gateway which multiplexes and scrambles on-demand content streamed over an IP network with maximum 256 frequencies. It is possible to build an entire broadcast system within a single chassis or distribute it between several discreet stages or distributed architectures.

  • Features

    • Modularized plug-in design.
    • Massive internal multiplexing: maximum 8.5G data processing. 
    • Support Multi-standard: DVB, ATSC, ISDB-T, etc.
    • Flexibility of functional module combination for different network, like cable, satellite, terrestrial, IP.
    • Flexible internal video router feeds any audio/video processing module from any source. 
    • Maximum 144 programs transcoding.
    • Maximum 256 QAM outputs (Live/VOD). 
    • 4096 programs processing.
    • Control interfaces, support both WEB and SNMP. 
    • Hot-swappable dual power supply for redundancy.
    • Pay-as-you-grow scalability. 
    • System / Device / Port / Program / Power five-level hot backup, seamless switching with intelligent self-test.


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