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Trans-modulation Solution


  • Introduction

    In order  to delivery better services to end users, more contents, and better signal delivery are more important for not only operators but also hospitality, Campus, Cruises, Entertainment facilities, Airlines, Theaters, Education Markets, etc. Sumavision's multiple standard trans-modulation solution make this happened. Different contents coming from different system, and re-transmit to facilities that services provider in order to deliver to.

  • Sumavision 10K511N Standalone IPQAM is a broadcasting-level economical IPQAM (Edge QAM) Modulator, with cost-efficiency design, un-adjacent frequency, high reliability, high flexibility characteristics, Support 32 frequencies output. It can be widely used for cable digital television broadcasting and small digital television VOD system.

  • Sumavision 10K511NC Universal transmodulator can receive up to 4 DVB-S/S2 channels, and re-modulate into QAM modulation signal.

  • Sumavision 10K511X DVB-T/Adv.-Terrestrial Modulator can receive up to 4 DVB-S/S2/C/8VSB/ISDB-T channels, and re-transmission to DVB-T/Adv.-Terrestrial signal. Maximum 8PLP multiplexing, and support PID filtering/ re-mapping on each input, blocking of services, PCR re-stamping.


  • Mini-type operators or sub-headend of the big operators, distribute services to certain location or certain group of users which already deployed coaxial network, commercial designed high-density 32-freq. IPQAM gives the best solution to support signal delivery from IP to QAM. Same for hospitality industry, hotels, campus, hospital, would provide cable services to each room via exist coaxial cable network.

  • How to gives passengers better add-value services and better user experience during their trip, and how can agents delivery good services from local to mobile facilities. Satellite and terrestrial transmission are the better choices, transmit the signal from central head-end to cruises and airplane, or any digital TV set with demodulation module integrated in.

  • In Sumavision modulation product family, wireless transmission is more and more popular, wireless trans-modulation solution used in all MATV (Master Antenna Television) installations where Satellite signal needs to be trans-modulated to the TV Terrestrial(DVB-T/Adv.-Terrestrial2, SFN) band for distribution, Ideal for high rise buildings.


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