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  • Product Introduction

  • Sumavision PN8600 series XPON OLT covers 13U, 5U, 1U and field types, and supports EPON, GPON and 10G EPON in one rack with high density and huge flexibility. For the reliance, board hot swap, control board backup, link aggregation and PON port protection are introduced into PN8600 series. For management, Sumavision provides a unified NMS to make the operation easier. For compatibility, Sumavision OLT can work with main stream ONU to give operator more flexibility.

  • Rack Mount OLT supports mixed deployment of EPON/GPON/10G EPON with high density and great reliance, which is suitable for large scenarios.

  • Cassette OLT is a compact design OLT, providing up to 16 EPON ports or 16 GPON ports, and supporting complete Layer 2 function and plentiful Layer 3 function, thus fit for small scenarios and industry customers.

  • Field OLT provides great convenience for the deployment because of its industrial design (fit for various unfriendly environment), high performance (16 PON ports) and its CATV amplifier integration.

  • Features

  • • Product line: Complete product lines include rack mount OLT, cassette OLT, Field OLT.
    • Product Technology: GPON/ EPON/ 10G EPON in 1 chassis, Plentiful Layer 3 function, High reliability.
    • Management: Unified NMS platform NM3000.
    • Application Scenario: Fiber coax mixed solution, DA solution , field solution, Triple play solution, Broadband solution.
    • Operation: Compatible with other vendors' ONU, open for customization.

  • XPON OLT Capacity


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